About Beerdsman Lager

Beerdsman Lager - A Legacy in the Making

Beerdsman Lager was established in 2016 by Beerdsman Beer, a craft beer brand looking to offer lager lovers a brew made with the finest malt bill and freshest hops to ensure what fills your glass tastes as good as it possibly can.

UK brewing has a rich About Beerdsman Lager history and we are classed as one of the top brewing countries in the world. The passion and flair that has risen the UK to such acclaimed heights has made us ever more determined to brew a beer that puts the taste and quality of what enters your glass above profit margins.

Beerdsman Lager is a pilsner style beer brewed with Magnum and Tettnang hops to provide the beer with a medium body and carbonation along with a spicy, herbal aroma leading through to a sweet malt, slightly spicy flavour with a bitter finish. The easy drinking lager pairs well with a range of foods but a top hit every time is a younger goats milk cheese. The sharp bitter German hops meet the highly oily and acidic white cheddar for a sublime match.

Men and women throughout the country love their beer on draught and Beerdsman Lager is answering their call with our 5 litre mini beer kegs for sale throughout the UK. Each barrel contains approximately 8.8 pints of 4.4% abv premium craft beer which can be easily transported from stockist to your home thanks to its carry handle.

The easy to use Beerdsman Lager mini beer kegs not only minimise waste thanks to their smaller volume but they also require no external pumps to work; simply pop your keg in the fridge, pull the tap out and pour! Ease of access to our beer is a mission of ours so please check our stockists for the best location to buy Beerdsman Lager.

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